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Use Workflow Automation to Gain Productivity

Use workflow automation to notify team members of required tasks and document/ drawing updates. Have Engine-Box send internal notifications or emails to team members. Get alerts for up-coming and overdue tasks. Automatically get informed when documents or drawings are updated

Improve work assignment and enhance communication


Keep the Process Moving. Setup schedules and deadlines for workflow steps; get notified when dates are missed. Make sure team reviewers/approvers are prompted along with all needed info. Send files/notices to third parties based on workflow changes.


Make changes to documents simultaneously with other users, in real-time. Communicate with pictures and video. Work with others on the production floor, at work sites, at customer locations, increasing project velocity and accomplishment. Collaborate in real-time, even when the team is decentralized.


Automatically send and receive files to/ from vendors, contractors, customers, and employees. Real-time collaboration using mobile devices and mark-up. Get notified when third parties receive files or when files are submitted.


Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Gain visibility on work falling behind. Allocate decision-making based on availability and resources. Set up notifications/emails for each workflow.


Real Time Workflow, The New Reality

In today’s world of instant access and gratification it is unusual that businesses have been slow to adopt new technologies that enable faster, more immediate access to information. As use of iPads and other tablets become more ubiquitous in the workplace, the reality is that workflow is becoming, and will be, real time.


Managing Technical Workflows in Real Time

Technical workflows need to incorporate information and input from other areas of the organization that are part of the product life cycle. Workflow management is the lifeblood of most manufacturing and engineering companies. So organizations have spent a lot of time creating manual and semi-automated mechanisms to keep abreast.


SOLIDWORKS Integration

Use the SOLIDWORKS add-in, directly integrated with the menu ribbon, to check-in and check-out files for controlled editing while working inside the SOLIDWORKS application. Dynamic assembly-component file detection during upload and database linking within Engine Box. Automatic versioning of all Assembly, Part and Drawing files. Mobile device access to CAD files…


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