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Use Version Control To Always Find The Most Current File  

Version control files with more than just their name. There are times you don’t need to or want to version a drawing/document, Engine-Box provides several criteria that can be used to establish versioning.


Engine-Box displays the most current file version

Searches find the most current file

All links always update to most current file (though back revisions can be linked directly)


Decide what constitutes a new version

Use file name to establish new versions

Or use any other attribute, such as state, to establish new versions

Engine-Box automatically creates new file versions based on configured settings


Instant access to back revisions

As many back revisions as you want

One click access to kept back revisions

Associate markups / redlines with specific versions

We’re not another box on the web, we’re an engineering document management solution, built by engineers


Document Version Control

Every workflow has different objectives, constraints, regulations, and outputs. Many workflows are document-centric, so passing documents and maintaining version control are important steps in the process. Between historical recording, requirements for management analysis, and general regulatory compliance, keeping many


Version Control Software

Version control software is neither a new concept nor new functionality. The explosion in content of all types, including email, text, and web communications, however, is putting more importance on this standard capability, while new technologies are assisting users in keeping the right number of versions for the optimum…



Use the SOLIDWORKS add-in, directly integrated with the menu ribbon, to check-in and check-out files for controlled editing while working inside the SOLIDWORKS application. Dynamic assembly-component file detection during upload and database linking within Engine Box. Automatic versioning of all Assembly, Part and Drawing files.


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