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Let Users And Vendors Set Themselves Up  



Group registrations can be capped and made to expire

Allow only the number of users you want to self subscribe

Self subscription time frames can be set to expire

Users can be associated with multiple groups or multiple projects


Company users receive registration emails

Users register themselves and are automatically assigned to groups

Self subscription through two step authentification, including domain name validation (coming)

Users configure the system the way they want, every user interface is different


Third parties can also self subscribe

Preset group permissions and projects for third parties

Two step authentification for vendors, contractors, customers, etc.

Give third parties as much authority to configure the user interface as you want, no more administrative effort to define users

No JAVA, No Mobile App Cloud Document Management Software

Using a web browser without an app has an additional benefit. Actual files are never downloaded, only file images are streamed to the requestor, reducing the access time while keeping the actual native file secure. eQuorum believes it’s your data and you should have access to it, regardless of where you are. So we…

A document management system provides significant benefits in document organization, security, search, version control, view, print and convenient access for users throughout an organization. Once users find documents, they perform the work they do with those documents, often in traditional ways..

Using the AutoCAD Integration Connector, CAD users get the benefit of a “lite” PDM with check-out, check-in, version control and view AutoCAD attribute directly. Reference file relationships are maintained and files are easily viewed using a single viewer by all users in the company even if they don’t have access to AutoCAD software…


eQuorum’s Cloud Workflow and Document Management SaaS - from design through manufacturing and production, to sales, support and administration.

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